Key Features

The key features for 3DXchange include:

3D files Import and Conversion

  • Tools design for building up massive iClone model library – Scene, Props, and Accessories.

  • Load and convert 3DS and OBJ files into iClone VNS formats.

  • Load iClone VNS files for material editing, pivot setting, or bring back individual elements from Merged Props.

  • Full texture conversion – unwrapped UV, multi sub-material texturing, diffuse, bump, opacity.

  • Texture format supported: JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA, TIFF.

  • Support 3DS animation data import and export (spline not supported).

  • Model Export Filter: check on/off mesh nodes in Scene Tree to filter output elements.

Transformation, Material Editing and Attribute Setting

  • Material Editing: material color, glossiness, specular (how shiny the material appears, eg. plastic, metal, glass).

  • Normal Correction: 2-sided, flip, unify.

  • iClone Shadow Attribute Setting: Cast Shadow , Receive Shadow.

  • Scene Transformation: Rotation, Translation, Scaling.

  • Quick Align to Center and Ground: Auto move the scene to the origin or align scene elements to iClone root ground position.

  • Edge Smoothness: define hard or soft edge by specified angle threshold.

  • Pivot Setting: set pivot for rotation in iClone – eg. door – rotate based on edge, wheels – rotate based on center:

Ease-of-use Design

  • Drag and Drop file import: 3DS, OBJ or VNS file formats.

  • Scene Tree: multiple elements selection for node attribute editing.

  • Quick project reload – press F5 to reload last project, effective tuning loop for model creation.

  • Auto locate and export VNS files to specified iClone folder – Scene, Props, Accessories, user define.

  • Keep last path assignment to save repetitive path finding efforts.

Key Features