Removing Excessive Nodes

To remove excessive nodes:

  1. In 3DXchange, locate the file in which the nodes are in need of being modified
    (We take the Robo Man_C.VNS animation prop for example).

3dXchange tutorial removing 0 Removing Excessive Nodes
Original look
(In 3DXchange)

  1. Check off the include boxes of the mesh nodes representing the legs in the scene tree.

3dXchange tutorial removing 1 Removing Excessive Nodes
Legs removed
(In 3DXchange)

  1. Click Export button (Ctrl + E) to export the rest of the nodes as a prop.

  2. Back to iClone, apply the prop adjusted.

  3. You may add the particle effect to replace the legs of it.

It turns out to be a cool robot.

3dXchange tutorial removing 2 Removing Excessive Nodes
(In iClone 2)


  • The example above is not applicable to characters since if some of the nodes are removed, specific functions such as Hair, Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoes or even the Skin in iClone will turn out to be disabled.

Removing Excessive Nodes