Hiding the Ghost Legs

You may sometimes see the moving legs penetrate the CloneCloth in iClone as you are using the G2 character with dual-layer mesh body. Though, you can set the skin opacity to black to make the legs transparent (iCloneSkinTexutreLower_Opacity00.jpg), there are still ghost-like legs can be seen. It is because the legs are originally set to be with high specularity which can’t be modified in iClone 2:

3dXchange tutorial hiding 0 Hiding the Ghost Legs
Legs penetrating the skirt as the
character catwalks
(In iClone 2)

3dXchange tutorial hiding 1 Hiding the Ghost Legs
Set opacity in skin page for the
lower body to black, ghost legs appear
(In iClone 2)

  1. Load the G2 character into 3DXchange.

  2. Select the lower body.

3dXchange tutorial hiding 2 Hiding the Ghost Legs
(In 3DXchange)

  1. Set the Specular to 0 and the Glossiness to 100. You may not see the change since the skirt covers the legs.

3dXchange tutorial hiding 3 Hiding the Ghost Legs
(In 3DXchange)

  1. Export the character.

  2. In iClone, load the character.

3dXchange tutorial hiding 4 Hiding the Ghost Legs

  1. Change to Skin / Modify page. Click the Launch button of the Opacity texture.

3dXchange tutorial hiding 5 Hiding the Ghost Legs
(In iClone 2)

  1. Select the image of the leg and fill the image with black (Totally transparent). Save the image.

  2. Click Update button.

You may see that no matter how hard the motion of the character is, the legs disappear.

3dXchange tutorial hiding 6 Hiding the Ghost Legs
(In iClone 2)

Hiding the Ghost Legs