Components of Node

In this section, we will describe the components of a node with illustarions. The name of these components can be seen through out of this document and lots of the 3D softwares.

Vertex (Plural: Vertices)

A vertex is a point in the 3D space. When two or more polygonal faces share one single corner, this corner is also a vertex for all of them.

3dXchange vertex Components of Node
Vertices of a node (points in red)


When three or more vertices are linked by edges and form a close space, the space is called a face.

3dXchange face Components of Node
Pyramid formed by 4 faces, each face is a shape of triangle.


A mesh contains a collection of polygons, which can be of different types (Triangles, quads, multi-sided).

3dXchange mesh Components of Node
Mesh house formed by polygons


A pivot is a specific position used as a reference for the transformations of objects. Every object or a group of objects has a pivot point that can be moved relative to the object. It also known as “center” in some other 3D software.

3dXchange pivot Components of Node

Pivot of a torus

Texture UV

It is a coordinate system to define the locations for projecting a texture map onto an object.

3dXchange uv texture before Components of Node

  • The original look of the box.

  • The UV reference is described in the illustration below.

  • Two faces of it are taken as examples.

3dXchange uv texture after Components of Node

  • Texture mapping adjusted according to the reference.

3dXchange uv texture mapped Components of Node

Components of Node