Flipping the Normal

Sometimes you may import 3DS, OBJ, or VNS files with objects that disappear or look odd. This might because of the incorrect normal direction. For example, you might be able to see the inside of a box without being covered by the outside of the box, no matter how you adjust the perspective of the camera. You can use the Flip feature to rotate the faces inside out.

3dXchange director chair Flipping the Normal

3dXchange director chair unflipped Flipping the Normal

Model in Sketchup Pro

Reversed faces disappear in iClone 3DXchange

To flip normal, please follow the steps:

  1. Select the mesh nodes looking odd in the tree view.

3dXchange director chair included Flipping the Normal
Reserved faces selected

  1. Check up the Flip box.

3dXchange director chair flipped Flipping the Normal
Faces flipped

See Unifying the Normal if some of the faces still fail to be rendered along with others, which cause holes or cavities on the surface of the objects.


  • This feature is useful especially when you desire to create a doom-like environment or terrain in which the camera shoots the scene.

Flipping the Normal