Auto-Smoothing Mesh Nodes

In 3D virtual world, each model is composed of numerous small planar faces, also know as polygons. Usually, a simple model can have thousands of faces, which can consume the resources of the operating system tremendously. Therefore, to downsize the number of the faces and to remove the ridges on models at the same time turn out to be critical for system performance.

3DXchange introduces an attribute, taking advantages of the concepts of normal, to smooth the surfaces of models automatically. You can specify an angle value to ensure that the serially connected faces with an angle (generated by two normals) under this value will be taken as of one surface, and consequently, these faces are applied to the smoothing algorithm to be smoothed by software.

To auto-smooth mesh nodes, please follow the steps:

  1. Select the mesh node you desire to smooth.

  2. Click the up / down arrow to increase / decrease the value of the angle. You may also key in the value into the edit box.

  3. Click on the Auto Smooth button.

3dXchange unsmoothed Auto Smoothing Mesh Nodes

3dXchange smoothed Auto Smoothing Mesh Nodes

Un-smoothed Surface

Smoothed Surface


  • The higher the value is, the weaker the edges are.

  • Press down the arrow buttons over 3 seconds to increase / decrease the value by 10.

  • Press down the arrow buttons and drag your cursor can also increase / decrease the value. But the value won’t change if you keep your cursor un-moved, which is useful if you want to set the value slowly without using the keyboard.

Auto-Smoothing Mesh Nodes