This is the fast but resource-consuming method to fix the hole or break problems on the surfaces of mesh nodes. If you ever use Flip and Unify features but the problem remains, you can take 2-sided as the resolution. Usually, faces are only visible from the front. If you apply to use the 2-sided function, the holes on the surface turn out to be visible because the surface will generate normals on both sides by 3DXchange. However, this function can slow down rendering since it render both front and back sides of a face to ensure that your model free from hole problems.

To use the 2-sided normals, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the mesh nodes that have holes on the surface.

  2. Check up the 2-sided box.

3dXchange 2 sided before 2 sided

3dXchange 2 sided after 2 sided

Before 2-Sided
(The faces with normal outward are transparent)

After 2-Sided